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Wine & Food Magazine recently posted a feature on “The Breakfast Sandwich,” and name it among the “Best Sandwiches in America.”  Once again it reminds us just how far the “Mighty Humble Biscuit” has come, and the role of Ray’s Country Ham in changing the American Breakfast.

On that morning when Ray’s Kingburger opened for breakfast in Kinston, N.C., not a single Hardee’s, McDonald’s, or Burger King anywhere was open for breakfast.  However, Granny’s biscuits and Ray’s Country Ham was very popular, and Hardee’s was forced to follow Ray’s lead as best they could.  Hardee’s was already expanding into the Northeast and competing with McDonald’s, and it was not long before McDonald’s was opening for breakfast too, featuring the Egg McMuffin.  But over time, the popularity of the Breakfast Biscuit caused even McDonald’s to add their now popular Sausage Biscuit to the menu.  As they say, the rest is history. Ray Goad was the innovator of the fast food breakfast. You can’t eat at a Ray’s Restaurant today, but you can find a breakfast biscuit at any fast food restaurant a few blocks from your home all across the USA. The Humble Biscuit has become the Mighty Biscuit and to this day remains America’s breakfast of choice from sea to shining sea. Thanks, Ray Goad!

You can read the Wine & Food article at this link: