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All Natural, No Preservatives, No GMO ~ Ready to Eat

Step into a culinary journey where American flavors meet the essence of Spain. Rays, a renowned brand celebrated for its authentic American Country, Ham, has joined forces with a renowned family-owned producer of Spain's national treasure, Jamón Serrano.

Unique Atmosphere-Controlled 4oz Trays

In the heart of the USA, Rays expertly slices the Jamón Serrano, carefully packaging it in unique atmosphere-controlled 4x4oz trays. It's akin to the daily slices found in bustling local markets across Spain but is now readily available for home delivery.

What sets this treasure apart is its natural preparation. No nitrates or nitrites are used; only the finest pork and limited sea salt are employed. The result is a healthy, protein-packed, gluten-free delight tantalizing your taste buds without additives.

Rays Jamón is the Answer for all Occasions

If you're a fan of dry-cured Country Ham like we are, then you're in for a treat with our Serrano ham. It's the perfect match for those who crave the rich flavors of naturally dry-cured ham in today's fast-paced, health-conscious world. Whether you're hosting an elegant soirée or looking for a quick, healthy snack on the go, Rays Jamón Serrano is the answer. It effortlessly fits into lunch bags and backpacks or even finds its place at tailgate parties.

It's a Taste that Spans bothTime and Geography.

Rays Country Ham hails from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, while Serrano Ham, which means "mountain country ham," has been a beloved tradition in the Spanish mountains for centuries. The shared element? The dry mountain air gives both hams their distinctive yet incredibly unique flavors and two families, continents apart, devoted to superior quality.

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