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In addition to our 16 lb Whole Bone-in Country Ham, we offer a Whole SLICED Bone-in Country Ham, and a hand butchered Ready-to-Bake Country Ham trimmed down to 10 lbs. For those that want the convenience of portion-packed Country Ham Slices, we have a 12 Oz portion with two center-cuts and ends ( 3-Pack and 5-Pack), an 8 Oz portion of Biscuit Cuts (3-Pack), and our 2 Lb package of Black Label Premium Country Ham Steaks.
16 lb-Whole Bone-in $119.90 USD $130.50 USD
16 lb-SLICED Bone-in $149.90 USD $160.50 USD
10 lb-Ready to Bake $124.90 USD $135.50 USD
2.25 lb-Slices-3-Pack $35.00 USD $39.50 USD
3.75 lb-Slices-5-Pack $56.00 USD $63.75 USD
1.5 lb-Biscuit Cuts $26.00 USD $29.50 USD

How to Bake a Country Ham from Ray Goad, Jr on Vimeo.