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Many of us welcome friends and family to come on over and enjoy the day together while busy preparing our Thanksgiving meal. Greet them with a tasty grazing platter to start the morn.

We have put together a few time-saving tips to help you create an inviting nibbling station in no time featuring Ray’s Country Ham breakfast sandwiches. But don’t just offer for breakfast!  This charcuterie is a fun little offering just about anytime folks gather.

Our platter simply offers suggestions to serve alongside our country ham “biscuits.”  Have fun customizing yours with things you love to serve for breakfast and brunch.  See what we included on ours down below!


  • First of all, have fun! Don’t stress yourself by making everything from scratch (unless, of course, you want to).
  • Take advantage of freshly prepared fruits and vegetables in your grocer’s produce department. Slice others you want to add a day or two ahead.
  • If boiled and peeling eggs for deviling stresses you, just pick up some pre-cooked eggs and check that box!
  • Use store-bought pimento cheese and other spreads you love.
  • Do ahead… make our sweet potato “hummus” and roast tomatoes ahead or while setting up.
  • Bake the rolls and when done, use the same pan in the hot oven to cook your Ray’s Country Ham slices in less than 10 minutes. OR, cook in 2-minute intervals in the microwave. (Directions on the package)
  • Go ahead and set up your board with dishes and serving pieces a day or two ahead. Then, all you have to do is fill them up with everything that’s already prepared! By the time you brew the coffee and sit out the juice (or mimosas and Bloody Marys), you’ve created your platter!
  • Enjoy and have a fun day filled with love and laughter.



  • Ray’s Country Ham Breakfast “Biscuits”
    • Growing up, some of us always knew it was a “special” meal when crescent rolls were on the table. Instead of biscuits, that’s what we use on our tray. Our center-cut country ham slices are ready for you to cook in several ways quickly.

    • Molasses butter is so perfect for smearing on these. Simply drizzle softened butter with molasses.  That’s it!

  • It’s not breakfast or brunch without eggs! Devil a few and leave a few for those who prefer simply boiled.
  • We love our sweet potatoes here in the south. Did you know North Carolina grows more of them than any state? Make a quick breakfast “hummus’ for your tray. Cook a large sweet potato as you would. While still warm, mash the pulp with a little peanut butter, softened butter, and season with salt and pepper. Drizzle with a bit of maple syrup and dust with “everything” bagel seasoning and nuts. (We used toasted pine nuts, but any will do.)
  • To add a bit of savory, salt… pepper, and roast some cherry tomatoes in a bit of oil for about 10 minutes! Enjoy as-is or smear onto those country ham sandwiches.
  • Add a few cheeses. We used pimento cheese (store-bought) and softened brie. Serve with crispy pork skins for dipping or spreading.
  • Pickles! Any platter needs a variety of sweet and savory, along with a variety of textures, like the crispiness of pickles. We like the bold flavor of okra pickles with the contrast of sweet bread and butter spears.
  • A variety of sweet and salty is needed, and nuts are a must. We picked up some glazed pecans and peanut bars and tossed together.
  • Of course, we need fresh fruits! These are like edible garnishes that give your platter vibrant colors too. We used strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, sliced oranges and pink grapefruit, little mandarin oranges, and persimmon. For fun, we included some crispy banana chips, because what’s breakfast without bananas?
  • Grab a head of leaf lettuce to tuck in here and there to fill any “holes,” and you’re all set!

As you see, other than shopping, the only “work” needed is quick-cooking the rolls and ham, a sweet potato, deviling eggs, and slicing fruits!

Quickly assemble (or let one of those “what can I do to help” folks do that), pat yourself on the back, cook that turkey and have a Happy Holiday with those you love gathered ‘round.