Rays Country Ham Hocks - Rays Country Ham

Rays Country Ham Hocks

  • ☆ AGED SALT & DRY CURED HAM ☆ - Rays Country Ham harks back to how food was preserved for generations on the family farms of the Blue Ridge Mountains before electricity. Those thrifty pioneer homemakers also used the hock ends of the Country Ham for seasoning and enrichment with the ample cure meat on each hock some of America’s favorite recipe.
  • ☆ CAROLINA COUNTRY HAM ☆ – We follow the traditional methods for curing hams that our family has used for generations. As we gently age our hams with ambient temperatures matching the annual seasons, the once humble ham becomes what can only be called a Country Ham, with the addictive taste, aroma, and texture like no other, all of which is found at its best in each of these split Ham Hocks.
  • ☆ A TASTE FROM ANOTHER PLACE IN TIME☆ - There is no better way to prepare traditional Southern food than using authentic ham hocks from a County Ham cured in Rays Original Style in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Bon Appétit Magazine says it best: "To Southerners and pork devotees, Country Ham is legendary: an exquisite dry-cured artisanal meat rivaling prosciutto in its rosy-hued perfection."
  • ☆ Waste not, want not☆ The proverb "For want is nexte to waste, and shame doeth synne ensue" originated from a book called "The Paradise of Dainty Devices" by Richard Edwardes in 1576. Edwardes, a renowned lyricist, and playwright, was rumored to be an illegitimate son of Henry VIII.
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